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Pushing Daisies Masterpost


Season One

S1E1 Pie-lette
S1E2 Dummy
S1E3 The Fun In Funeral
S1E4 Pigeon
S1E5 Girth
S1E6 Bitches
S1E7 Smell Of Success
S1E8 Bitter Sweets
S1E9 Corpsicle

Season Two

S2E1 Bzzzzzzzzz!
S2E2 Circus, Circus
S2E3 Bad Habits
S2E4 Frescorts
S2E5 Dim Some Lose Some
S2E6 Oh Oh Oh… It’s Magic
S2E7 Robbing Hood
S2E8 Comfort Food
S2E9 The Legend Of Merle McQuoddy
S2E10 The Norwegians
S2E11 Window Dressed to Kill
S2E12 Water & Power
S2E13 Kerplunk

“You’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town.”



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I got Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.

Maybe I cracked the egg too fast.

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“I’m not at my best with a gun.”

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Boaz Priestly

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‘I have been thinking about you… all night. Well. Parts of you. Like your lips. They’re very distracting. It’s a problem. And I can’t stop thinking about kissing them. So… what the hell, huh?’

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Jensen & Jared

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Joe Manganiello


Joe Manganiello

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Virgo women crave the perfect lover, however they know that doesn’t exist, so they settle for the closest possible. They love strong passion.